A bit about Northern Light Recognition...

Thank You for your interest in our company! We hope you have seen a few things of interest during your visit here. As we mention on our home page, we are a family owned business located in the Midwest. To be more specific, we are in Southeast Wisconsin in the heart of Americas Dairyland. With a background in hands on management of several of the larger suppliers in our industry, the plunge was taken in 2008 and equipment was purchased and workshops were built to form our own company, Northern Light Recognition. Now involving three generations of our family, (ok, the third generation is pretty small but hey, they do help sweep up!) we all pull together to make sure our orders are done carefully and accurately and shipped on time, every time. We're small and honestly, we like it that way and have no interest in getting much larger. Our capabilities don't really match our size though as we have a network of sub contractors that help us handle orders that otherwise would be impossible for us. By doing things this way we are able to offer several benefits. One is that the people that sell you the product are the same ones that created the product and that make it for you, We have a tremendous amount of pride in our creations and this shows in the products we make. Another benefit is that staying small keeps our costs down. A quick look at our pricing shows that we pass these savings along to you. Lastly, by working with a diverse group of skilled craftsmen and women, we continually advance our abilities and learn new ways to be ever more capable which translates to a greater ability to create that custom product or design.


Overall, we think we have built a supplier that you can rely on. One that you will enjoy working with and that will help you be a hero to your clients. Give Northern Light Recognition a try on your next project, we'll make sure you will return again and again!


Northern Light Recognition